Institut Avant-garde wishes you all the best for 2024

« At the dawn of 2024, we want to thank you wholeheartedly for your support during our early steps, and express our best wishes. Below, you can explore our achievements over the past few months, a time we spent trying to transform the economic spirit. »
Clara Leonard
Mathilde Viennot

The year 2023 in numbers...


With an average of two publications per week, these first months have been rich in reflections. We have already started to define and estimate the climate debt, to explore the limits of sustainability, and to engage in dialogues with experts regarding their vision of the economy.


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The economic spirit needs to evolve alongside practices and research.

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With an average of one post per day on social media, we have successfully established our unique voice into the public debate. Every week, we continue to expand our network, and we are leaving 2023 with more than 2,500 subscribers.

The Institut takes the stage

This year, the Institut has made its mark by participating in numerous events and through its contributions in the press.

We have been invited to more than ten seminars, round tables, and conferences, where we presented our work and engaged with researchers and experts.

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After our debut in Rome, we traveled to Vienna at the end of November for the second conference of the European Macro Policy Network. The topic was « Fiscal Policy for the 21st Century: Meeting Economic, Social, and Climate Challenges ». We were fortunate to have the opportunity to take the stage to present the Institut and to forge connections with our European partners.


Representatives from Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands also made the journey to the City of Music upon invitation of the Austrian hosts.


And this is just the beginning: We are excited to continue the exchanges in the Netherlands during the next conference, scheduled for this spring.

The Institut is in the press. We regularly publish op-eds in the magazine Alternatives Économiques, where we bring our perspective to the economic debate. You can find our contributions here.


We have also been interviewed by the national newspaper Les Échos, to whom we presented our project for the coming years.

The Institut behind the scenes

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General director and




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Vice-president and  


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Senior economist



Jonas Kaiser

Data analyst

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Research associate

Take a look at our first fellows

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